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Building better teams

Findex’s (formerly Crowe Horwath) premises include a range of office and meeting spaces, encouraging collaboration between teams and an increased customer experience. The project was completed in such a way as to meet a five star NABERS rating.

The two distinct parts of the business were, in their previous premises, divided by a flight of stairs. This physical barrier created silos between the teams. We worked with the Findex team through the design process to overcome this challenge. As a result, the building has two wings for each group, joined by reception and meeting rooms which facilitates a much better team environment.

The opportunity for a purpose built building with lots of car space was great for our business. Other than big frustrations with parking, our building had created barriers between teams, and wasn’t the best arrangement for clients. We now have purpose built rooms for entertaining clients, and a relaxing and easy location for our staff.
— Peter Carnell, Findex